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Ammo Prices

    22LR   Ammo Prices - Prices for .22 Long Rifle ammo
    9mm   Ammo Prices - Prices for 9mm ammo (also known as 9mm Parabellum, 9mm Luger, or 9x19mm )
    45ACP Ammo Prices - Prices for .45 ACP ammo (also known as .45 Auto, or .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) )
I have ordered ammo from these on-line ammo retailers, with no unresolved problems from any of them:
Target Sports USA (free shipping on cases),   SGAmmo,   Sportsman's Guide,   Able Ammo,   Natchez Shooters Supplies,   Trop Gun Shop,   Ammunition Depot,   Palmetto State Armory,   Midway USA,   Brownells,   Cabela's,   ManVenture Outpost,   BulkAmmo,   RareAmmo,   Lucky Gunner,   Champion's Choice   Bud's Gun Shop

Information About Specific Guns

Browning Buckmark Springfield 1911 Range Officer
Remington 550-1 Rifle
Walther PPQ
Remington 1100 Shotgun
CZ 455 Trainer
Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Gun Forums & Websites Forum - For the shooting competition known as bullseye (one-handed, pistol, stationary targets).
    Rimfire Central - A forum for all things rimfire. I use the Browning Buckmark and CZ forums.
    Walther PPQ Forum - Good information about the Walther PPQ.
    NJ Gun Forum - Good information for gun owners in New Jersey, USA. - Lots of technical information and forums specific to the 1911 pistol.
    Target Talk Forums - Forums for target shooters, including air guns and bullseye.
    The Firearm Blog - News and articles related to firearms. - Information about bullseye shooting in New Jersey.  NJPistol Calendar

Parts & Supplies (in approximate order of my preference)

    Brownells   - best place for gun parts and gunsmithing tools, wide variety of shooting supplies, prices are usually ok (except on ammo)
    Midway USA   - usually where I look first for supplies and common parts, wide variety, good prices (except on ammo)
    Natchez Shooters Supplies   - wide variety of supplies, sometimes have great deals on optics and ammo
    Wolff Gun Springs   - makes replacement springs for many guns and magazines
    Numrich   - the place to find hard-to-find gun parts, especially for old, out-of-production guns
    Cabela's   - actual store is awesome, website is not good, prices are only occasionally good, focused more on hunting than target shooting
    Palmetto State Armory   - eclectic inventory, usually great prices, shipping can be pricey, slow to process orders
    ManVenture Outpost   - eclectic inventory, sometimes have great deals on magazines, or ammo, or firearms
    Trop Gun Shop   - spotty inventory, sometimes great deals on gun, cleaning supplies, or ammo, sometimes not
    Optics Planet   - good buying guides, sometimes prices are great, sometimes not, website might say in-stock even when it's not
    Tactical Wholesalers   -
    Jack First   - makes old gun parts, I've ordered from... expensive, but they had some parts no one else had
    Ahlman's - supposed to be a good place to get parts, I've never ordered from them
    Cheaper Than Dirt!   - prices vary a lot, confusing different-price-from-each-warehouse setup, disliked by many shooters for political reasons

1911 Parts (in alphabetical order)

    Cylinder & Slide (C&S)   - makes nearly every 1911 part, but best-known for their trigger pull kits and parts
    Ed Brown   - makes nearly every 1911 part, well-respected, also makes complete guns
    EGW (Evolution Gun Works)   - makes nearly every 1911 part, well-respected... known for barrel bushings, slide stops, pins, etc.
    Smith & Alexander (S&A)   - mag wells, mainspring housings, grip safeties, grips
    Wilson Combat   - makes nearly every 1911 part, generally well-respected

Competition Shooting Supplies (in alphabetical order)

    American Target Company   - sells official NRA targets at reasonable prices
    Bullseye Gear   - focused on bullseye shooting, but has a variety of products
    Champion's Choice   - wide variety of products
    Champion Shooters Supplies   - wide variety of products
    CM Machine (CMM)   - makes bullseye brass catchers and 1911 grip spacers (I have the spacers, and they are good)
    Competitive Edge Dynamics (CED)   - makes shot timers, range bags, chronographs, and much more. (I have their range bag, and it is good.)
    Creedmoor Sports   - competition gear, from jackets and pants to ammo and cleaning products, even smallbore rifles
    Dawson Precision   - popular maker of competition sights, odd variety of products, prices vary
    Distinguished Precision - no opinion yet (new to me). Publishes an annotated version of the US Army Marksmanship book.
    Killough Shooting Sports (KSS)   - dedicated to rimfire shooting sports, including benchrest
    Larry's Guns Inc.   - well-respected in bullseye community, sometimes have things no one else has
    Precision Target Pistol Grips   - makes 3D-printed, custom-sized grips for a variety of pistol models.
    Shooter's Connection   - no opinion yet (new to me)
    UltraDot   - makers of good red dot sights.  UltraDotWest is the default UltraDot retailer, has reasonable prices.
            UltraDot accessories can also be found at Legendary Optics.

Reloading Info

    My reloading page   - contains all kinds of information about reloading equipment, retailers and manufacturers of reloading supplies, and so on.
    My bullet types page   - contains information about types and styles of bullets, and their abbreviations, etc.
    Lee Classic Turret Press   - information about my first reloading press, why I bought it, and why I replaced it
    Lee LoadMaster   - information about the LoadMaster, a progessive press I bought to increase my reloading speed

New Jersey Gun Info

    My New Jersey Gun Info page   - information about gun shops, clubs, legal issues, and purchase permits in New Jersey, USA.

Additional Gun Info

    Glossary of Firearms Terms

          The Well-Armed Woman Gun Glossary is fairly extensive, and written to be easy-to-understand for non-gun people.
          The Hallowell Illustrated Firearms Dictionary is pretty extensive, and has photos for many of the entries, but tends to be rather technical and old-school.
          The Cartridge Collector's Ammunition Glossary is an extensive glossary of terms related to ammunition, with nice drawings for many terms.
          The Wikipedia Glossary of Firearms Terms is mediocre, but it could get better in the future.


          My Bullet Types page
          List of common handgun cartridges at Genitron
          Power Factor Calculator from JBM Ballistics - Whether you're competing in an action shooting sport, or just want to know whether one load is lighter than another load, this is a very nice power factor calculator. Which is the lighter 9mm load, 115gr @1150fps, or 124gr @1065fps, or 147gr @900fps? (Answer: They are all the same, at power factor 132.)
          Ballistics Trajectory Calculator - Can show you things like the amount of bullet drop for a given distance, etc.  You do need to know the ballistic coefficient of the bullet, plus the other common information (bullet weight, muzzle velocity, etc.).


          I'm not a cleaning guru, but I do keep my guns clean, because malfunctions are not fun.
          RimfireCentral thread by DrGunner about making your own gun cleaning tools

Gun Prices and Retailers

    Gun.Deals (formerly Slickguns)     GunWatcher
    Gun Genie
    Gun Broker - Buckmark Pistols

    Online firearms retailers:

        Bud's Gun Shop - often has the best prices on-line, decent reputation, website is horrible if you're trying to find what you want