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Internet Ammo Retailers

I have purchased ammo from these on-line ammo retailers, with no unresolved problems from any of them:
Target Sports USA (free shipping on cases),   SGAmmo,   Sportsman's Guide,   Able Ammo,   Natchez Shooters Supplies,   Trop Gun Shop,   Ammunition Depot,   Palmetto State Armory,   Midway USA,   Brownells,   Cabela's,   ManVenture Outpost,   BulkAmmo,   RareAmmo,   Lucky Gunner,   Champion's Choice   Bud's Gun Shop

22 LR Ammo

This section is for .22 Long Rifle ammo, also known as .22 LR or 22LR.  This is almost always what people are talking about when they just say 22 ammo.
Note, however, that .22 Long is different (and there's also .22 Short which is also different)!

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Medium-grade (<16 cents per round), Standard Velocity .22 LR Ammo

Type of Ammo  AmmoSeek  WikiArms  Other Sources
CCI SV (0035 in 50-round paper boxes) CCI?ikw=standard%20velocity q=CCI+Standard+Velocity Champion's Choice
CCI SV 0032 (100-round plastic sleeve) 22lr/CCI?ikw=0032 q=CCI+0032 Champion's Choice
CCI SV Green Tag CCI?ikw=Green%20Tag q=CCI+Green+Tag  
Eley Club Eley?ikw=club&ekw=Xtra q=eley+club Champion's Choice   Killough
Eley Target Eley?ikw=target q=eley+target Champion's Choice   Killough
Federal Gold Medal Target 711B Federal?ikw=711b q=711b Champion's Choice
Norma (Tac-22 & Match-22) Norma q=norma  
SK Pistol Match SK?ikw=pistol%20match q=SK+pistol+match Champion's Choice
SK Standard Plus SK?ikw=standard%20plus q=SK+standard+plus Champion's Choice
Wolf Match Extra Wolf?ikw=Match%20Extra q=Wolf+Match+Extra Champion's Choice
Wolf Match Target Wolf?ikw=Match%20Target q=Wolf+Match+Target Champion's Choice

Notes about 22 LR Ammo

9mm Ammo

This section is for 9mm ammo, also known as 9mm Luger, 9x19mm Parabellum.  This is almost always what people are talking about when they refer to 9mm ammo.
Note, however, that there are many other 9mm cartridge types available.

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Some of my favorite 9mm ammo

Type of Ammo AmmoSeek WikiArms
Speer Lawman 124gr  AmmoSeek Speer Lawman 124gr  WikiArms Speer Lawman 124gr
Magtech 124gr  AmmoSeek Magtech 124gr  WikiArms Magtech 124gr
Hornady Critical Duty 135gr  AmmoSeek Hornady 135gr  WikiArms Hornady 135gr

Match Grade 9mm Ammo

I'm actually pretty happy with the accuracy of Speer Lawman 124gr ammo, but there is match-grade 9mm out there.

Atlanta Arms - These guys make ammo for lots of professional competition shooters

    Atlanta Arms "Select" 9mm ammo - this is their remanufactured stuff, intended for pratice

    Atlanta Arms "Elite" 9mm ammo - this is their ammo intended for use in matches

NSK Sales - Makes both remanufactured and new ammo, primarily for Bullseye competition shooting.

    If you want to see prices, or to order this ammo, you have to send him an email ... there are links for this on his webpage.

38 Special Ammo

To be added later...

357 Magnum Ammo

To be added later...

45 ACP Ammo

This section is for 45 ammo, also known as 45 Auto, 45 ACP.  This is almost always what people are talking about when they refer to 45 ammo.
Note, however, that there are other 45 caliber cartridge types, like 45 Auto Rim, 45 Colt, etc.

The "ACP" in 45 ACP is an abbreviation for "Automatic Colt Pistol".  The word "Automatic" in there means "auto-loading", which was as automatic as hand-held firearms got when this cartridge was invented in the early 1900's.  Today, we would describe an "auto-loading" gun as being "semi-automatic", because although ejection of the spent casing and loading of the next round are automatic, firing the next round is not (one bullet comes out for each trigger pull)  By contrast, "fully automatic" means that ejection, loading, and firing the next round are all automatic (as long as you keep holding the trigger back, bullets keep coming out, until it runs out of ammo (a.k.a. a machine gun)).

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Bullseye .45 ACP Ammo

For Bullseye competition, most people use lightly-loaded semi-wad-cutter (SWC) or jacketed hollow-point (JHP) bullets with weights of 200 or 185 grains, for maximum accuracy.  Most competition shooters reload their own ammo, so that they can "work up" a load that works well in their particular gun.  However, there are places to buy either newly-manufactured or reloaded ammo that might be suitable for bullseye competition.

A wad-cutter is a shape of bullet, which cuts a nice, clean hole in a paper target (easy to score).  A semi-wad-cutter is a compromise between a wad-cutter and a normal, round-nose bullet, designed to cut a clean hole in paper, but with more reliable feeding from magazine to chamber.

LSWC = lead semi-wad-cutter    JHP = jacketed hollow-point    JSWC = jacketed semi-wad-cutter

Site Specific Links Notes
NSK Sales Makes new or reloaded ammo specifically for competition shooting.
You have to email him for a price list, or to order ammo.
Atlanta Arms "Match Select" 45 ammo
"Match Elite" 45 ammo
Makes new or reloaded ammo specifically for competition shooting.
Federal GM45B AmmoSeek - All Federal 185gr
WikiArms - GM45b
Slickguns - Search for GM45b
Federal Premium Gold Medal GM45B
185gr jacketed semi-wad cutter in .45ACP, 770fps
Usually 70-85 cents per round.  
Best price seen: 56 cents per round (1000 rounds for $555 + s/h).

Other 45ACP lead semi-wad-cutters (LSWC)