Ammo Prices - 45ACP (45 Auto)

Technically, the proper name for this cartridge is "45 Auto" (not to be confused with "45 Auto Rim" which is different), but most people call it 45 ACP, which is an abbreviation for "45 Automatic Colt Pistol". The word "Automatic" in the name was intended to indicate that it was for "auto-loading" pistols, which was as automatic as hand-held firearms got when this cartridge was invented in the early 1900's.  Today, we would describe an "auto-loading" gun as being "semi-automatic", meaning one bullet comes out for each trigger pull, but the ejection of the spent casing and loading of the next round into the chamber are done automatically.  But that is not the same as "fully automatic", meaning that you can pull the trigger once, and as long as you keep holding the trigger back, bullets keep coming out of the gun until it runs out of ammo (a.k.a. a machine gun).  So, the word "Automatic" in "ACP" should, today, be read as "semi-automatic".

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Bullseye .45 ACP Ammo

For Bullseye competition, most people use some variety of lightly-loaded semi-wad-cutter (SWC) or jacketed hollow-point (JHP) ammo in 200 grain or 185 grain bullet weights, for maximum accuracy.  Most competition shooters reload their own ammo, so that they can "work up" a load that works well in their particular gun.  However, there are places to buy either newly-manufactured or reloaded ammo that might be suitable.

A wad-cutter is a shape of bullet, which cuts a nice, clean hole in a paper target (easy to score).  A semi-wad-cutter is a compromise between a wad-cutter and a normal, round-nose bullet, designed to cut a clean hole in paper, but with more reliable feeding from magazine to chamber.

LSWC = lead semi-wad-cutter    JHP = jacketed hollow-point    JSWC = jacketed semi-wad-cutter

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Quality Made Cartridges Quality Made Cartridges - 45 ACP LSWC 200gr:
50 rounds
500 rounds
1000 rounds (free s/h)
Comes in zip-lock bags of 50 rounds each.
NSK Sales Makes new or reloaded ammo specifically for competition shooting.
You have to email him for a price list, or to order ammo.
Atlanta Arms "Match Select" 45 ammo
"Match Elite" 45 ammo
Makes new or reloaded ammo specifically for competition shooting.
Federal GM45B AmmoSeek - All Federal 185gr
WikiArms - GM45b
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Federal Premium Gold Medal GM45B
185gr jacketed semi-wad cutter in .45ACP, 770fps
Usually 70-85 cents per round.  
Best price seen: 56 cents per round (1000 rounds for $555 + s/h).

Other 45ACP lead semi-wad-cutters (LSWC)