Lee Loadmaster - Progressive Press

Frustrated with the time required to reload on my Lee Classic Turret Press, in April 2018, I bought a used Lee Loadmaster progressive press from a friend. The primary difference is that, with the turret press, each lever pull performs one die's-worth of activity to a single case. Using a 4-die set for pistol ammo, means 4 lever pulls to make a single completed cartridge. With the progressive press, each lever pull operates all the dies simultaneously (on different cartridges, each at a different stage of the reloading process), effectively making one completed cartridge with each lever pull. In addition, this press has both a cartridge feeder (putting empty cases into the press), and a bullet feeder (putting bullets on the cases before they go into the seating die). Both of those accessories should significantly reduce the reloading time. My goal with this purchase is simply to reload more rounds in less time.
Item Price Notes
Lee Load-Master Press $247.49 Since I bought it used, I got all kinds of accessories included with the sale, like the bullet feeder, case collator, an extra turret, a multitude of spare parts, etc.
Bullet Feeder $32.49
Case collator $11.98 Speeds up loading of empty cases into the case feeder tubes
Lee Bench Plate (die holder) $18.99 Contains two parts. One mounts permanently to your bench. The other (called a "base block") mounts on the press itself. Allows you to install or remove the press from the bench quickly and easily. Primarily useful when you have multiple presses (or bench-mounted accessories) but only one bench. You need to buy another base block for each press or bench-mounted accessory beyond the first one. (See next item.). Comes with three screws to mount the base block on your press, but does not come with screws to mount the plate to your bench.
Lee Steel Base Block (x2) $12.99 Works with the Bench Plate (see previous item) to enable quick changing of which press you want installed on your bench right now. Since this is my second press, but I only have one bench, I had to buy one of these now. Comes with three screws to mount the base block on your press.
TOTAL I paid $200 for the press and most of the accessories (used). Those are friend prices! I bought the bench plate and base block separately.

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